Electronics Repair


Plaza Technologies offers board level repairs of circuit boards, including DC Power Jack Replacement, USB Port Replacement and other circuit board re-work.  We have successfully repaired TV’s, Console Gaming Systems, Tablet’s, Apple Ipad’s and Iphone’s, Android Devices, to name a few.


 DC Power Jacks

8-2-1- 004

All repairs are performed locally in our shop!

Our Laptop power jack repair service is fast and affordable. We use quality replacement parts to repair your broken laptop power port.  Call for pricing.

Broken USB Ports 

Have you removed that portable flash drive one to many times and your USB port has had enough.  That’s okay we can repair those also.  Some laptops we can just replace the board that it sits on, in others we have to repair it on the motherboard, so prices can vary, but we always stand by our estimates.

broken usb port

USB Ports can be replaced on your motherboard saving you money, and inconvenience


  Dim Laptop Screen

There are many causes to a dim laptop screen, not all of them are caused by a bad screen.  Don’t waste money on ordering parts attempting to troubleshoot a potentially complicated issue.  We can solve any problem relating to a Dim Laptop Screen.

Symptoms of a Dim Laptop Screen:

  • Screen flashes the start-up logo, then goes dim.
  • Shining a light on it shows icons, or login screen, but it can only barely be read.

    Samsung RV515

    The yellow arrow shows a failed MOSFET on a Samsung Motherboard.

Causes of a Dim Laptop Screen:

  • Older Laptops will have these as their main cause:
    • Failed CCFL Tube
    • Failed Inverter
    • Failed Graphics Chip
  • Newer Laptops Late model Vista, or newer Windows 7, and Windows 8 Laptops etc.
    • Blown fuse on Motherboard
    • Changing screen without removing battery
    • Failed Mosfet on motherboard
    • Failed Screen
    • Failed Graphics Chip

In our lab we can troubleshoot and solve any of these problems for you.

If you have gotten another opinion or received a quote from another shop, ask them if they are replacing or repairing the issue.  Most computer stores only replace components, in the above photo the whole motherboard would have been replaced in most cases.